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The Woman Behind the Brand: 10 Things About Our Founder

By TupperwareⓇ for the Modern Woman Founder, Joelle Larade

Hello Modern Women! I figured it was time I introduce myself with so many new faces around here. I am the woman behind the brand and the blog, Joelle Larade. I am a TupperwareⓇ independent consultant, but I am so much more than that: I am a daughter, I am a teacher, I am a sister and a friend.

Here are 10 things about me:

1. My first language is French. I grew up in a small francophone town in Atlantic Canada. My whole family speaks French as their first language and are completely bilingual.

2. In 2022, I bought and renovated my first house with my partner. It’s a small bungalow on a cliff overlooking the ocean. We did all the renovation work ourselves, which was extremely rewarding. Stay tuned for the reveal!

3. I am a Libra, and my enneagram type is 2.

4. I am a fourth-grade teacher. Teaching is probably one of the hardest but most rewarding jobs on this Earth.

5. I like to put peanut butter on my cheeseburgers. Don’t knock it til you try it! The peanut butter is sweet but salty and complements the burger really nicely.

6. In university, I wrote a thesis on my experience of growing up bilingual and how this impacted my sociolinguistic identity.

7. I once won a basketball free-throw contest at school, despite being 5’0” tall.

8. I am not the typical middle child. Apparently, the middle child is supposed to be the troublemaker, but I am definitely the peacekeeper amongst my siblings.

9. I am super organized, and I like my space to be neat, whether it’s my home office or my classroom or my car. If there’s clutter in my space, there’s clutter in my mind.

10. I have a fear or failure and I don’t like to take chances, which is why starting this blog in the first place is scary but exciting all at once! Here’s to new adventures.

That's me!



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