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The 4 Pillars of TupperwareⓇ for the Modern Woman: Part 4

By TupperwareⓇ for the Modern Woman Founder, Joelle Larade

Take a deep dive into the basics behind the brand: Wellness, Organization, Sustainability and Efficiency.

Part 4: Efficiency

As a Modern Woman, it is important to be EFFICIENT. We have places to go and people to see! We don't have time to waste on inefficient systems in our lives. Wherever we can save time, money or energy, we'll take it! Well, what if I told you my products can do all three of these things.

Yup, it's true. TupperwareⓇ products can save you time in SO many ways! Their kitchen tools will cut your prepping time in half. I'm especially thinking of the SuperSonic Chopper line. These gadgets make chopping veggies for meal prep a breeze and save me so much prep time. Speaking of meal prep, take the guess work out of work lunches by making a few meals on Sunday to last all throughout the week. TupperwareⓇ's food storage containers will keep your meals super fresh and delicious. No more sad wilted salads! Plus, you eliminate the decision fatigue that comes with figuring out what to have for lunch every single day.

My absolute favourite food storage container by TupperwareⓇ has to be our FridgesmartⓇ containers. They have a venting system that keeps fruit and veggies SUPER fresh! You adjust the vent based on the type of fruit or vegetable. There is even a handy chart printed right on the container that tells you which fruit & veggies you can put together and how open or closed the vent should be. I have seen spinach and lettuce stay fresh and crisp for WEEKS in these containers. Talk about efficient! I save so so so much money on my grocery bill now that I'm not throwing out rotten product 5 days after buying it from the grocery store. Game. changer.

Whether it's time, money or energy, we could all use a little more efficiency in our lives. The products mentioned in this post are just the tip of the iceberg! There's lots more where this came from. Shop our catalog to make your life more efficient.



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