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The 4 Pillars of TupperwareⓇ for the Modern Woman: Part 2

Take a deep dive into the basics behind the brand: Wellness, Organization, Sustainability and Efficiency.

By Modern Woman founder, Joelle Larade

Part 2: Organization

Confession: I have always been an organized person. You will not find me submitting assignments, reports, or lesson plans late. You will not find me doing things at the last minute. You will not find me scrambling to throw together a party or an outfit. I am a planner. It's just who I am!

In fact, I am a planner *almost* to a fault. I can sometimes be over prepared or spend too much time preparing and planning. This being said, my organizational skills have gotten me quite far in my 25 years of life so far, so I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing.

If you are NOT this type of person, I'm here to help! Some people have even told me I could be a professional organizer, but I already have two side hustles and I think that's enough. If you are "not an organized person", you just haven't found the right system yet. Here's where TupperwareⓇ for the Modern Woman comes in! We can set you up with organizational products that will last you a LIFETIME (literally - most of our products have a lifetime guarantee). But before we get to the products, we have to talk about the process...

Organization is one of the cornerstones of our company for many reasons. We strive to be organized in every area of our business and our lives, and we want to help others be able to do the same! Here at Modern Woman, we believe that your mental state reflects your environment. Do you feel more frazzled when your house is a mess? Yeah, us too. Imagine how peaceful and serene your inner state could be if your home was clean and organized with actionable steps and sustainable systems.

The first step to organization is intention. There has to be an intention behind the organizing so that you will be motivated to keep your space clean and neat. Your intentions could look something like this:

  • I will keep my home organized because I know it reduces my stress levels and keeps my anxiety at bay.

  • I will keep my home organized because it ultimately saves me time, time that I can spend with my children.

  • I will keep my home organized to make things easier to find for my husband and kids, which will lead to less disagreements between us.

  • I will keep my home organized because it is my sanctuary and it deserves to be taken care of.

Write down your intention somewhere: in your agenda, in your journal, on a piece of paper displayed on your fridge or inside a cabinet door, etc. Every time you see it, you will be reminded of why you started and you will be motivated to keep going.

The second step is to PURGE. There is truly nothing I love more than throwing shit out. It. gives. me. life. Go through every single room of your house (it doesn't have to be all at once, focus on one do-able area that doesn't intimidate you) and throw out things that are no longer serving you. Do not keep things "just in case". At the very least, if you are keeping things you do not immediately need, put them in neatly labelled storage boxes (if you have room in your home for said storage boxes). Get rid of anything you don't truly love or serves a purpose! Don't feel guilty!

When in doubt, throw it out.

The third step in the Modern Woman organizing process is to find a home for each item. If it doesn't have a home, it can't stay. It is even better if these homes allow your items to be visible to you, that they aren't all hidden away in the back of a pantry or closet. We love our Modular Mates for organizing a pantry. There's simply nothing better. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes so you can measure and customize the containers to the footprint of your pantry. This ensures that you are maximizing that precious pantry real estate!

The fourth and final step (and arguably the most difficult step) is keeping this system in place and making all your hard work last! This will take effort and daily discipline. Of course it is easier to empty your bag onto your kitchen counter every night with the intention of dealing with the mess in the morning - but odds are the stuff will stay there all week. Whenever you see an item that is not in its home, deal with it immediately. Whenever you use an item, put it back where it belongs after you are done using it. Get your kids and spouse involved in the cleaning and organizing process so that they feel invested and are more likely to stick to it too.

I promise this process will be worth it. Nothing compares to a clean and organized home. The benefits this will have for your overall happiness and peace of mind are priceless. You will find that you feel less overwhelmed on a daily basis. You'll no longer be at war with you home, and this will no longer reflect in your mental state. You'll have more energy and time for your family and friends. That's the Modern Woman goal.

Happy organizing!



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