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My Why: Why I Started a Direct Sales Biz

By TupperwareⓇ for the Modern Woman Founder, Joelle Larade

Picture this: You’re fresh out of university, you have two degrees under your belt, you don’t have a permanent job, you have five-figure student debt, you have a mortgage and bills to pay, and you have specific savings goals in mind. What do you do? You start a direct sales biz, of course!

This is where I was at in March 2022, when I signed up with TupperwareⓇ and decided to give it a shot. I originally signed up for the 25% discount. I had just bought and renovated a house and now I needed to purchase just about everything one needs to live in said house. In case you didn’t know, renovations are expensive. So, I thought the more money I can save in getting all the little things I needed for the house, the better! This of course included kitchen items like cookware, bakeware, food storage containers, kitchen tools and accessories. When I realized I could potentially save a lot of money by getting all these things from TupperwareⓇ, I was sold on the $20 membership.

Being my pragmatic, practical self, I did the math: the 25% off discount costs $20 for a year. $20 is 25% of $80. If I spend more than $80 in a year, the membership pays for itself! I was positive I was going to spend more than $80 outfitting my entire kitchen, so I decided to sign up for the membership. After the year was over, I could cancel it.

Flash forward to a month later and ask me if I would ever cancel my membership: the answer is NEVER! It is worth every penny of that $20. It brought me so much more than a discount. On the practical side, it gave me free products and extra income. Beyond that, it gave me a community of like-minded women, it gave me confidence in my abilities, it gave me a sense of purpose.

At 25, I am really only just starting out in life and many of my biggest expenses and my best experiences are still in front of me. This is what fuels my why and why I started my direct sales biz. I always want to be financially secure and having a side hustle helps immensely. There are a few things that I am putting money aside for that really keep me going. Some of my short-term goals are to welcome a puppy into our home and to buy my first car. Some other things I am saving for are home improvements, emergencies, and vacations. Financial freedom is my why.

Find your why. Whether it is to work from home to be able to spend more time with your kids, to make extra income as a student or retiree, to help other women launch their business, find your why and work for it.



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