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My Story: How I Got Started with TupperwareⓇ

By TupperwareⓇ for the Modern Woman Founder, Joelle Larade

Full disclaimer, my story of how I got started with my TupperwareⓇ direct sales biz is not particularly glamorous or dramatic. It’s a pretty standard story. But if you’re reading this, it means you’re curious to find out how I got started and maybe you’re even thinking of starting a direct sales side hustle yourself. If you want to know how it’s done, keep reading.

I basically knew nothing about TupperwareⓇ before I signed up as a consultant. I knew my grandmother had a few products that were probably older than I was, and that’s about it. I had heard of TupperwareⓇ parties before but had never been to one because they were not for young, modern women like me (or so I thought). I didn’t even own a single piece of TupperwareⓇ! This is how little knowledge I had when I started my business. And I was still able to be successful and grow my business into what it is today.

One day in February 2022, I got an invitation to join a virtual TupperwareⓇ party from a childhood friend’s mom. I thought to myself “What the heck, I’ll join just to be nice but I probably won’t buy anything” (Ha!). So I joined and placed an order for a single item. The consultant who was running the party asked me if I might be interested in hosting a party of my own. Again, I thought to myself “What do I have to lose?”. I had just bought and renovated a house and I didn’t have all the kitchen supplies I knew I needed. I thought maybe I could get a few discounted items, maybe a free item if I was lucky. I severely underestimated the success of my party. I got three half-price items and $300 of free products, plus gifts from the consultant.

My party was SO successful that I ended up turning it into a launch party for my business. The consultant, who is now my upline Manager, told me I was a natural and that I could totally rock a TupperwareⓇ side hustle. I had had other side hustles in the past but none that had this much opportunity for growth and potential income. I thought I might as well give it a shot!

I’m so glad that I gave it a chance. I didn’t let fear stop me: fear of failing, fear of what others would think of me, fear of not being good enough… The list goes on.

Had I let fear stop me, I wouldn’t have achieved the first four levels of the Confident Start program in my first month. Had I let fear stop me, I wouldn’t be earning extra income that allows me to be more financially secure. Had I let fear stop me, I wouldn’t have discovered my amazing team who cheers me on every day. Had I let fear stop me, I wouldn’t have achieved the rank of Manager in my first three weeks in business. Had I let fear stop me, I wouldn’t have been able to stock my pantry, my kitchen, and my home with the highest quality products at a 25% discount, all while earning commission. Had I let fear stop me, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post today.

If you are thinking of starting a direct sales business, be it TupperwareⓇ or another direct sales company, I have one piece of advice: don’t let fear stop you. I never ever ever thought that I would be able to get over the fear of what people would think of me and whether they would judge me if I became a consultant. Now, I can’t even remember why I was afraid in the first place. My success has far overshadowed any fears or doubts I may have had. If you’re entertaining the idea of starting a side hustle, I wish you the same success and I say go for it!

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