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5 Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will Actually Appreciate (And Love!)

By TupperwareⓇ for the Modern Woman Founder, Joelle Larade

Mother's Day is coming up SO SOON! It's one of my favourite holidays because I just love spoiling the special mothers in my life. They are just so deserving and I get so much joy out of giving them gifts. I know how important it is to give USEFUL gifts that moms will actually appreciate receiving! These ideas take the guess-work out of gifting.

1. For the Coffee Connoisseur Mom

With the perfect design for spring and summer, the Flirty Floral Eco+ To-Go Cups are a no-brainer choice for the mom who always has a coffee cup in hand.

No more reheating her morning coffee in the microwave when she gets back from school drop offs, with the Flirty Floral cups, she can take it to-go!

This very affordable option gives you even more bang for your buck with two cups! You could keep one and gift one, or gift both to two special mothers in your life. Who doesn't love a cute coffee cup?!

Pair this gift with the Flirty Floral Serving Cups.

2. For the Baker Extraordinaire

Are you that mom who always has a fresh batch of muffins or cookies cooling on the counter? If so, I'm incredibly jealous! We all know that mom who always seems to have a freshly baked treat waiting for her kiddos or for visitors and I know the perfect gift for her:

TupperwareⓇ's vintage measuring cups have been around for eons, but this set comes in an updated millennial pink colour. So cute! These cups are a lasting gift. Not only do they have a lifetime warranty, they will actually last a lifetime. Every time that special mom uses her measuring cups, she'll think of you!

3. For the Vino

The Vino in your life deserves this life-changing corkscrew! It is the quickest, easiest way to crack open her favourite bottle of vino after a long day of mom-ing.

This corkscrew opens each bottle effortlessly with no cork breakage. It's a dream to use! I've heard so many amazing reviews on this product.

How cute would this be paired with her favourite bottle of red?! Perfect Mother's Day gift, zero effort required.

4. For the Multitasking Mama

We all know her - the multitasking mama. Heck, we probably know MANY multitasking mamas! Well, the multitasking mama needs a multitasking gift.

Enter - ThatsaⓇ Bowls! These bowls have been around for ages and for good reason - they are super durable and super versatile. They come with a lifetime warranty and I'm sure you could find a lifetime of different uses for them! They are even dishwasher safe, saving that busy mom even more time and energy. With the cutest colours for spring, this is truly the perfect gift for just about anyone!

Click here to shop the 4-pc. set.

Click here to shop the 2-pc. set.

5. For the Party Planner Mom

Is there that one mom in your friends group who is always planning parties and get-togethers? Yup! I've got the perfect gift for her - the Serving CenterⓇ Set. It will literally be the center of attention at any party, with everyone gathered around it for snacks.

Two of my favourite uses for this set are for serving taco toppings and condiments for barbecues. It even comes with a cover for easy transport to other parties! I think this one would be really cute paired with a cocktail kit.

Let's get the party started!

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